From: 7,800.00 / month and a 1,300.00 sign-up fee



The cPanel licenses offered by LeoSwift have no restrictions on creating a WHM account and can also receive updates directly. And by using up-to-date methods, it will bypass the license on your server.
You can change your IP at least twice for each license.
All licenses can be easily installed on the server with a few simple commands, and you can support the configuration request. Installation by us is also free if you wish, and you have to send your server access via ticket.

After the purchase, if you are satisfied with the license, you can request a refund for up to 7 days, or in case of any problem where the system cannot update your license, you can receive the full amount paid.

The cPanel shared license we offer is the CSP shared system, which is the most powerful and safest shared system in the world.

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